350mg Magic Gummies


Experience transformative 350mg Mushroom Gummies, blending potency with indulgence. Each gummy contains psilocybin-rich fruiting bodies, offering a delicious path to inner exploration.

More than a treat, these gummies are a journey to healing and insight, with 3.5 grams of pure Psilocybin essence per pack. Balancing potency with palatability, they invite you to savor a sacred sacrament and embark on self-discovery. Embrace the transformative power within each bite.


Filtered water, glucose syrup, gelatin, evaporated cane sugar, citric acid, natural terpenes for flavoring, veggie and fruit powders and red beat dye for natural food coloring. 3.5g of Psilocybe Cubensis Fruiting Bodies


*Disclaimer: As the summer months are upon us with the higher temperatures, there is a risk of this item melting. We use reflective thermal packaging, a cold pack, and 2-3 day Priority Shipping. Despite all of our precautions, there is a risk of this item melting if it’s sitting in your mailbox or on your front porch for several hours in the hot sun. Because of these variables that are entirely out of our control, we will be unable to issue you a donation refund or replacement if your item arrives melted. Thank you for your understanding as we continue to do everything we can to ensure that your item arrives in perfect condition.
The listed costs are suggested donations only. If you would like to offer a different donation amount, please email us at ministry@psilovibechurch.org and we will respond within 5-6 business days. The suggested donations listed support our mission of sharing this sacrament with those who cannot afford to donate, and paying our diligent and caring staff. Thank you for your support of our ministry.

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With fast and discreet shipiping to all 50 states, your sacrament will be shipped within 3 business days of your donation. Most deliveries happen within 4-7 days of donating. For specific shipping inquires, please go to our Contact page and call or email us and we will be happy to help. Thank you for trusting us!

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What Our Members Are Saying...


Yes! As a church organization protected under the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act of 1993, we are able to send the sacrament (mushroom capsules) to all of our donating members. So rest assured that wherever you are, your package is on the way!

Yes, each of our capsules contain Psiloƈybin. We don't add any fillers to our sacraments, so you know you're getting precise doses of full psiloƈybin every time.

Great news! We are an incorporated 508(c)(1)(a) Faith-Based Organization Free Church!

When you donate to our church, you are agreeing to becoming a member and are legally allowed to use our offerings as a sacrament for religious purposes supported by the sincere beliefs of our Church and its Members.

Additionally, we have consulted with the top lawyers in the nation who have guided our processes to ensure that ourselves and our members remain protected and free to practice our religious beliefs. 

So rest assured that you are within your full rights to enjoy our sacrament as a part of sincere religious beliefs and are federally protected under the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act of 1993 and the First and Third Amendments of the US Constitution which explicitly protects freedom of religion. 

We use top quality Psiloƈybe Cubensis mushrooms grown in a sterile facility by our team of geneticists and cultivators. 

In terms of specific strains, we have found that an equal mixture of varying strains such as Golden Teacher, Mac Galactic, and B+ (to name a few) produce the best effects for a freeing and spiritual experience. 

With no extra fillers included in our sacraments, we take special care to ensure that each item
you receive will produce the results you are looking for consistently and effectively.

We have put together a comprehensive dosing guide in our Learning Center for you to use as a
reference for your microdose journey.

It is our protocol to dose in a 4 days on, 3 days off weekly regimen for best results.

Most people enjoy Microdosing in the morning because it gives them more clarity throughout the day.

Some people enjoy Mircodosing at night because it helps them sleep better.

You'll know what's best for you when you try it.
The first thing you'll notice is a sense of well-being.

Your muscles relax like you're laying on the beach when the sun is just hot enough to melt your muscles.

Your mind is clear and able to solve problems quickly and creatively.

And, You'll Feel Happy. 🙂
We're Not Doctors, So This Is Not Medical Advice.

But We Have Talked To Hundreds Of People About Microdosing And Here’s What They Tell Us:

People Who Are On Antidepressants Don’t Usually Feel The Same Benefits As People Who Are Not On Antidepressants.

The Reason Is That Antidepressants Are Greedy And Last Longer In The Body So They Gobble Up All The Brain Synapses The Mushrooms Attach To.

Some People Are Able To Microdose While On Antidepressants, But For Most, They Require A Larger Dose Or More Time In Order To Feel The Effects.

If You Are Taking Antidepressants, It Might Be Better To Wait Until You Feel Comfortable Enough To Come Off Them So You Can Give Microdosing A Fair Shot.


Microdosing Is Taking A Very Small Amount Of Magic Mushrooms. Just Enough To Feel Great.

In Order To Trip, You’d Need To Take 1-2g Of Magic Mushrooms.

You Will Not Be Taking Enough Magic Mushrooms To Make You Trip When MicroDosing.

No. The Standard Drug Test Is Called A 5 Panel Drug Test.

A Standard 5-Panel Drug Urine Test Is The Drug Test Most Frequently Used By Government
Agencies And Private Employers.

A 5-Panel Drug Test Typically Tests For

1. Marijuana
2. Opiates
3. PCP
4. Cocaine
5. Amphetamines

All orders are shipped within 3 business days of receiving your order.

Most orders are delivered within 6-7 days from order date.


As Part Of Your Membership, You Will Be Invited To Join Our Private FB Group Where You Can
Interact With Others Just Like You Who Are Using Microdosing For Mental Health.

You Can Share Stories, Encouragement And Be Encouraged By The Great People In The Group To Get The Most Out Of Your Microdosing Experience!

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As members engage in religious ceremonies involving the Sacrament, they do so under the protective mantle of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). While RFRA extends its shelter in numerous states, there is still much nuance. Given these legal intricacies, Members assume the responsibility of understanding their own state's RFRA standings, while embracing religious participation with devout reverence and humility. The Church bears no legal liability and cannot provide legal advice.
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