Welcome, seeker! Thank you for your interest in learning more about our beliefs here at PsiloVibe. Below you will find our Statement of Faith, as well as our Church Doctrine explaining how we relate to specific spiritual and existential topics. 

Statement of Faith

At PsiloVibe Church, we embrace a holistic understanding of wellness that encompasses the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of human flourishing. We believe that nature, in its intricate design and boundless wisdom, holds the key to our well-being in all dimensions

We affirm that an intelligence greater than ourselves, whom we acknowledge as the Creator of all things, has endowed the natural world with healing properties. From the gentle whispers of the breeze to the vibrant hues of a blooming flower, we recognize the handiwork of divine intentionality, offering pathways to restoration and wholeness

Central to our faith is the acknowledgment of natural plant medicine as a sacred gift bestowed upon humanity. We believe that these botanical remedies, meticulously crafted by the Creator, serve as conduits for reconnecting with our inherent vitality and aligning with the rhythms of creation.

Furthermore, we assert that no man, organization, or government possesses the authority to superimpose limitations on nature’s provisions for healing. It is our conviction that attempts to illegitimate or restrict access to natural medicine are contrary to the inherent rights of individuals who seek solace and restoration through the bounties of the earth.

As part of our core beliefs, we believe in utilizing nature as a religious sacrament to commune with and connect to our innermost selves, the earth, and with the Universe as a whole. Through reverence and mindful interaction with the natural world, we seek to deepen our spiritual awareness, foster profound connections, and cultivate a sense of oneness with all creation

In light of these convictions, we pledge to uphold the dignity of natural medicine as an indispensable component of holistic wellness. We commit ourselves to advocating for the preservation of these sacred resources and to fostering environments where individuals are empowered to explore avenues of healing in harmony with nature.

As a community of faith, we endeavor to cultivate a reverence for the interconnectedness of all
life and to nurture a deep appreciation for the wisdom inherent in the natural world. In doing so, we aspire to honor the Creator and to steward the gifts entrusted to us for the flourishing of body, mind, and spirit.

PsiloVibe Church Doctrine

Introduction to Beliefs

Psilovibe Church’s beliefs are rooted in Universal Truths & Wisdom received by founder Zac Wayne through numerous entheogenic experiences. These experiences have unveiled fundamental truths and principles that guide our doctrine. Zac Wayne does not claim enlightenment or special powers but encourages all seekers to explore and experience these truths firsthand. The doctrine of our Church is a journey of continuous expansion, mirroring the ever-evolving nature of the Universe itself.


Who or What God Is

Central to our beliefs is the concept of God or Source as the original essence of all life. We embrace diverse interpretations of this higher consciousness—whether called the Great Spirit, Allah, Yaweh, Universe, Source, or Creator. The essence of this divine consciousness encourages us to fully love and accept ourselves and others. It inspires growth, connection, and a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all conscious and unconscious entities. Furthermore, it invites us to realize our limitless potential and power.


We perceive death as an illusion, akin to awakening from a dream. This understanding aligns with the first law of thermodynamics, which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed but only transformed. Just as energy persists in different forms, our souls transition through various planes of existence. By maintaining connection with our higher self and Source, we can perceive and touch the immortality of our true nature. Thus, death is not an end but a continuation of existence in different states of consciousness.



Building upon the concept of energy’s eternal nature, we believe in reincarnation. Our souls, as manifestations of energy, continue their journey through successive lives. The specific mechanisms of reincarnation are not rigidly defined in our doctrine, but the essence remains: life transitions and evolves rather than ceases.

Creation & Evolution

We view Creation and Evolution not as conflicting but as complementary processes orchestrated by divine intelligence. Like a farmer planting a seed and anticipating the growth of a tree bearing fruit, the Creator understands and delights in the natural order of evolution. This process reflects the beauty and unfolding complexity of life, continuously guided by divine wisdom.


Church Governance

PsiloVibe Church is led by Founder/President Zac Wayne, supported by roles such as the Program Director, Church Group Administrators, and the Board of Directors. These roles are dynamic and adapt as our community grows and evolves. Governance within our Church is designed to foster inclusivity, accountability, and responsiveness to the spiritual needs of our members.



In our Church, inclusivity and acceptance are core values. We celebrate the diversity of perspectives and identities that each individual brings. Every person is regarded as precisely where they need to be in their journey of self-discovery and growth. We affirm and support individuals in their exploration and expression of sexuality and gender identity.


The Sacrament 

One of the primary means to access universal truths and divine wisdom in our Church is through entheogenic psychedelic experiences. These experiences facilitate profound spiritual insights and connections with God, higher self, and nature. Additionally, we recognize the spiritual benefits of microdosing psilocybin mushrooms as a means to enhance energetic and spiritual connections on a regular basis. While we acknowledge the value of formal ceremonies, we also emphasize the personal and daily communal aspects of spiritual communion outside formal settings.


Rituals in our Church encompass daily personal religious practices that nurture spiritual growth and connection. These may include breath work exercises, meditation, gratitude journaling, grounding practices, and other mindfulness exercises. Rituals serve to deepen one’s spiritual experience and foster a consistent connection with higher consciousness.



We believe that our bodies are sacred vessels through which we experience spiritual growth and connection. Therefore, we prioritize caring for our bodies by adopting nourishing diets and engaging in regular exercise. By maintaining physical health and vitality, individuals can enhance their receptivity to spiritual experiences and deepen their connection with the divine.



The essence of life, as understood in our Church, is threefold: to experience, enjoy, and evolve. We encourage individuals to fully immerse themselves in life’s experiences, embracing both the joyous and challenging moments that contribute to personal growth and spiritual development. By aligning with universal principles of growth and expansion, individuals can discover profound fulfillment and contribute positively to the collective consciousness.



In conclusion, Psilovibe Church embraces a journey guided by universal truths and divine wisdom, as revealed through entheogenic experiences and personal exploration. Founded on the principle that each individual’s path is a unique expression of spiritual growth, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity in all forms. Our understanding of God or Source encourages profound self-love, acceptance of others, and a deep connection to the interconnected web of life.

Fear is recognized as a deception that obscures our true nature and potential. Love, therefore, emerges as the transformative force that heals and connects us to higher consciousness. As we embrace this truth, growth becomes not just a possibility but an inevitable outcome of our spiritual journey. Through rituals, sacraments, and daily practices, we cultivate mindfulness and deepen our spiritual connection, fostering personal evolution and collective harmony.

We invite all seekers who resonate with these beliefs to join us in exploring the boundless realms of consciousness and expanding our understanding of existence. Together, we affirm that fear is the lie, love is the answer, and growth is the inevitable path toward enlightenment and unity with the Universe.

As members engage in religious ceremonies involving the Sacrament, they do so under the protective mantle of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). While RFRA extends its shelter in numerous states, there is still much nuance. Given these legal intricacies, Members assume the responsibility of understanding their own state's RFRA standings, while embracing religious participation with devout reverence and humility. The Church bears no legal liability and cannot provide legal advice.